Power Generation:

We have three alternate resources to ensure constant power supply:

1- Captive Power Plant:

We have three gas fueled generators in our power house which have a total capacity of around 4 Mega Watts: Model Capacity (i) 3516 C 1590 KW (ii) 3516 B 1110 KW (iii) 3516 A 1000 KW All these generators are made by Caterpillar USA and synchronized with each other.

2- WAPDA Connection:

We have a 3.4 Mega Watts connection of WAPDA as a stand by power source.

3- Diesel Generation:

We have a diesel generator of 1000 KW as an emergency power source.

Steam Generation:

We have two boilers to fulfill our steam requirement in fibre dyeing and socks dyeing. These boilers have a combined generation capacity of 5 tons/ hour. We have three alternate fuel options to ensure continuous working of the boilers. The main source is waste heat recovery of our generators. Furnaces are attached with boilers to use solid fuels as secondary option. Third fuel option for boilers is gas fuel.