Product Range:

Product range includes course medium and fine counts ranging from 10/1 to 60/1. Product spotlight

Unit 1 Produces

CVC Yarn: Course medium and fine counts PC Yarn: Course and medium counts Ranging from 20/1 to 40/1

Unit 2 Produce

20/1 to 60/1 cotton yarn.

Unit 3 produces

Regenerated Yarn ranging from 7/1 to 16/1

Machinery Detail:

Blow Room Trutzchler / Chinese

Cards Crossrol (UK) MK 4 & MK 5

Drawing Toyoda (Japan)

Simplex Toyoda (Japan) / Chinese

Combers Reiter

Ring Chinese

Winding (Autocone) Murata (Japan) 21-C / 72, Savio Polar (Italian)